Art, Culture & Il Palio di Siena



   This tour includes many sites of our "Art & Culture" tour, with the addition of staying in Medieval Siena to witness one of the most exciting events in travel: The Palio of Siena.  This bareback horse race takes place in Siena's main piazza, with tens of thousands of viewers, nearby street feasts filled with celebrants from the "contrade" - neighborhoods which have participated in the race for centuries, the "blessing of the horses" (IN the church!), the "jockeying" for position before the race starts, and so many more traditions that make viewing the "Palio" an event you will remember forever!  

  This tour must be booked earlier than most because of the demand for bleacher seats for a group sitting together - or, we can rent one of the few available apartments overlooking the Piazza del Campo, from which you can comfortably watch pre and post-race events, as well as the actual run, with catered food, beverages and "conveniences." Please contact us for further information on this incredible event of a lifetime, which is run on July 2 and August 16 every summer! 

  Prices available upon request.